Not all friends we can look out for when we need them, to lend us a listening ear and willing to sacrifice for us. So here’s a summary of different types of people that i think worth to call them friends.

1)Friends who find you when no one else bother to entertain them.

You just gotta understand that you are always in the mind’s to this type of friend. It’s only that they have waited for you to call them instead of them calling you. But because no one else wanna entertain them, therefore they find you. So don’t neglect them and do treasure them.

2) Friends who hated you but always there when you’re in trouble and helped you.

Maybe not all of this types of friends you must treasure. You gotta analyze the situation/scenario. Mostly, this type of friends will helped you as much they can because they actually cares so much for you but so much hatred were shown maybe because of your ignorance, naivety or maybe your stupidity.

3)Friends who always talk about you.

The only one reason why the talked behind your back is because u affected them. Maybe through your personality, beauty, successes, confidence and so on. Instead, you should be glad that they cares and make you as the inspiration for them. The fell motivated whenever think about you

4) Friends who never stop talking nonsense.

If your lucky, this types of friends would definitely brighten up your day at certain time. They may be annoying because they always fooling around and take things for granted but to them, they just wanna see u smile and that makes them happy.

Lastly, friends who knows you more than 10years

Knowing a person for more than 10 years means a lot. They understand your wants but maybe not your needs, they seen you cry, they know a lot of your dark side (if you have one) and they were there when you’re going through ups and downs of life, relationship, financial crisis, family problems and so on. So do treasure them a lot!

Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone – VINCENT VAN GOGH



The impalpable love.

Everyone needs love but have we found the  perfect ones? Indulging the feelings of love to someone needs more than time,  money and commitment.  Once you realise shes/he were the one,  u will give everything to the person. But once u loose the love ones,  u will stuck and lost not sure how to restart ur love life.

As for me,  it’s been 2years I stand with a ‘single’  title among the  friends that were same aged as me.  It’s easy for them to say ‘Hey just go and talk to her!’

Maybe if im in my 20, surely no hesitation will take place but now  every words and actions will be  analyze in my mind before letting out to portray and represent me. 

Maybe it’s not the time yet for me to give my all to the love ones but surely its not wrong for me to feel loved and get love from someone.

In my life,  I practice to wear different mask at different time according to the situation and that’s the same way I deal with love now.  I know it may sound cheap and unfaithful but all I know once I’m ready and shes the one, surely I will sacrifice everything for her.

The kiss, the hug, the moments and the actions are just the stunts that i create in order to satisfy each other. This is life.

And,  in the end The love you take is equal to the love you make – by Paul McCartney, The Beatles.

Nowadays human were being controlled by the status, power, and wealth in order for them to find their happiness. It’s sad but it’s norm too to perceive this behavior.

Come what may and I can just hope and pray that the right one will appear and desist me from continuing these unacceptable behavior.




A short story that my friend would like me to blog about him being curious in everything. I hope this sharing may help some people.

I met a guy named ‘Camie’  during my trip.  It was nice to meet him at the ferry stop when I’m on my way back to Bangkok. I still remembered he was like lost with his big backpack. I assume that was his first backpacking just as me.  Lol.  Anyways,  I approached him and start a conversation.  Personally I don’t like to be quiet for a long time so I need someone to talk to.  So we chatted, we covered on many topics like experiences of being solo backpackers, about life and many more. 

One particular stories that he shared were the adventure of curiosity.  He mentioned that whenever he feel like doing he definitely will do it.  So he shared with me about him curious and tried the gay life.  He stated that it was fun, less worries, less problem but just need to go check up every 4months and so on but the only thing he fail to do is self control. 

According to him,  nowadays it’s easy for someone to trap himself in gay life once he started.  Firstly,  numbers of gays are rising.  Secondly,  gay love will not end u up with pregnancy.  Thirdly,  most gays are financially stable.  And lastly,  the sex are better than with girls. 

He told me all started from the Internet.  At first,  he was just curious and just wanna know what and why people be gay.  So he search about it and came across a website that allow him  to chat with the other person and that leads them to meet up. At this point,  he knew he must be confident and have a self control. But sadly he loses it after the guy seduce him when they were tipsy. 

From that onwards,  he slowly start to meet more gays and have fun with them.  The initial plan of ‘to know’  now change ‘to wants’.

I did asked him if he ever thought of stopping and start a new with ladies and be normal and he answered ”

I’ve tried but I can’t!”

He even tell me many times to not have a mindset or curious about this gay life.

In conclusion, he said that he learnt his mistake of not to be too curious about everything around him. Curiosity kills yourself if you’re not strong spiritually & mentally. Just be conscious that everything happen for a reason and it is already planned out for us nicely so don’t let that curiosity change ur faith. 

Never too late for first timer

A few things that I did for the first time in 2016.

In life, we have to allow new experiences and situations to come in order to learn and gain knowledge from it. I am grateful and blessed with a good job that allows me to be financially stable and unlocked my ‘want’ list that ive been waiting for to do or to have eversince I graduated. I feel that 2016 is the luckiest year for me. Never knew that I could do a lot of things for the first time. It may sound ridiculous but this is the reality that ive gone through.


1) Buy my first phone using my own money.

For 29 years I have been depending on my parents and I feel ashamed of myself. Anyway all that happened due to my studies and I’m Asian haha. I didn’t know buying phone is so troublesome and costly. If not because of my work I think I will still be using prepaid card on that extra phone that my mom have.

2) Pampering myself

After being single for more than a year plus, Finally i am confident to Pamper myself by going to the spa, eat nice food, watch movies and many more by myself. I know it may sound like loser but who cares.

3) Adventure the world

In the early Feb 2016, I had my first solo backpacking trip to Cambodia, Koh Chang Island and Thailand. I’ve met a lot of people from different countries and somehow it widen up my thought. And this lead me to another point…

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4) Make friends with people from other countries.

Language has been my weakest subject since in high school FYI I failed my english language for my O level. To my surprise, the people that ive met actually told me that I spoke good English hahah. I also never knew that I could understand them eventhough they talk fast and use different type of accents.

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5) Shop like crazy

Most of the stuff I bought were through online shopping. I find it efficient and hassle-free but the waiting time for the items to reach to you will take forever but who cares the price definitely cheaper than shopping in a mall. There’s one time my mom scolded me because almost everyday she need to attend to a postman guy on my behalf that come to our house to deliver my purchases. Some of the items can be trusted but some are not. So becareful!

Thanks for reading my blog.  I know I’m pathetic but I’m trying now.  Hahaha.  Please feel free to comment Ya.