The power of spectacles

To those people that knows me, they feel normal to see me keep changing my spectacles on different events, day and moment. And its normal for me to get a question or remarks such as ‘Are you ok, why you keep changing spectacles?’ or ‘There he goes again with different personalities’

To be honest im not fetish to specs. But i treat my spectacles as a mask that i wear in everyday life. As i mentioned in my earlier blog i used to be bullied when im in primary school. Maybe thats the cause for me to feel its necessary to wear mask.  By the way,  all my specs have a degree so it’s not fake.

Many people will say that they don’t like drama,  but do they realise that drama somehow makes their life interesting? Why do I mentioning this?

In total I have 12 spectacles.  Different specs portray different character of me. I am a person that lives with one principle in life which is

‘In life, we are the one that responsible to the decision and choices we make.  God have planned many routes for us to choose and all will definitely lead us to good and bad.  We choose,  we decide, we face it. ‘

By having different character in different situation it actually makes a person lives to be interesting and this relates to the life drama.  A good example is colours,  try imagine there’s no colours in the world we lived in,  everything is tone of grey.  Do u think you will enjoy ur life? I doubt so.  Ok now imagine your world is red colour,  what do you think the people will be like?  Scary, fear, provoking?  What about white? Pure,  clean, peaceful?

Here are some of my specs that i can show you. That’s the same reason I have for my specs. Different patterns, shapes and colours portray different looks and attitude.

You may say that I am not being myself, selfish, bogus and so on. Honestly, now I’m asking you, since when humans is original? All of us copy from others to be successful and well known. It’s just how we do it differently and improvise it. Nowadays, people tend to be busybody talking about others but do they actually take some of their time to do a reflection of themselves?nope I doubt so. Maybe some will do.

OK in conclusion I believe to live in this world you must have faith and believe. But in order for you enjoy it, it actually depends on you. How you handle your situation? How you spend your free time? Who you befriend with? How you being brought up? How your past impacted you? And many more.

It’s you that changes your life not others. Don’t let others bring you down by what they say. Words are cheap but action is gold. You live your life’s therefore you decide what are the things that can make it interesting for you to face the challenges but yet make it interesting. Nothing is easy in life except when you stop breathing. Let your past to teach you, to improve you, to educate you. Learn from it and be better.


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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