The power of temptation

Did you realise that temptation comes in different kinds of form. Part of it are connected to our senses such as, touch, smell, hear, see and taste.  You may feel satisfy after act on to your temptation but if you’re unlucky you may end up with a suffering.  Every temptations come with a good or bad feelings.

Allow me to show a few examples that related to our senses. 


Don’t you just tempted to touch a jellyfish? You might want to know how soft it is? However, Jellyfish do stinks so if you touch the wrong area or got attack by it, definitely you will suffer from the stung.



Before you decide to smell something make sure you know that it is harmless. Eg,  Wasabi,  by just smelling it you already  can feel the spiciness at the back of ur nose. And that leads to discomfort. So why on earth do you smell it?



Lately, my friend tag me in a video he posted.  The video titled is something like “what a drop…”  and the video is about dj playing the song. But I just view it without pressing the link so another words I dnt hear anything. But due to temptation and curiosity I pressed it and guess what is being played?..
It’s the sound of woman moaning plus at that time the volume of my phone is on maximum and the best part I’m in the train.  So yes,  the shameful thing ever happened to me of the day.


Last year a friend of mine send me a pic through whatsapp. It makes me so tempted to see it and zoom it.  The pic  shows a graphic illustration of zebra strip with a caption spot the zebra.  Therefore i give a try and press and it ended me up with disappointment and a shame. Due to the size of the pic I can only see the top part which the strip but after pressing on the pic there’s another pic of a chopped p**** on the bottom area. Wth right?


Humans are born to be cleverer than other mankind.  But sometimes due to temptation we acted or say differently. 

Did you realise that we can be hurt by just  saying something to someone.  The words we use plays an important part in our life. Everyone of us have a feeling/emotion.  We should mind on the words we say in order to prevent from hurting others.

When I was younger i get easily curious and wanted to know how it feels to use the new bad words that i learnt from my friends and others to call on someone. So one day,  I use it  On my friends call them names and because of that i got bashed. Hahaha I know it’s cliche but this is just an example. 

In conclusion,  we should think before we acted on something.  We must always know what consequences that may come to our actions.  Don’t let temptation make us to loose anything we want in life.  And as a human beings,  we must bear in mind that every actions or situation is a repeatation.  It has been done by others and we should learn from it and improvise it to benefits us and not to end us up suffering.


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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