Memories of travelling solo

5 months have passed,  the time when I did my first solo backpacking.  The memories that I had is too wonderful until it makes me feel like quitting my full time job as Interior designer.  Honestly,  the title Interior designer may sound wow earning big bucks but I guess not in singapore if you under people.  

Lately  few of my friends/people that I met through the backpacking trip from Cambodia  to Koh Chang and down to Thailand came down to singapore for a visit.  I am honoured that they remembered me and invited me to join them.  Personally I had a great time spent with them.  We spent the day by roaming around Singapore, cycling,  cafe hoping and much more. One common question that asked from them is `How many days of leave does the company give per year in singapore? ‘ and I shared with them “oh in singapore minimum leave we could get is 7days and maximum is 14 days. And they were shocked and shared that they were given at least 30days of leave.  I can’t afford to react like surprise because I’m used to the system of singapore.  Anyways,  that’s part and parcel of a Singaporean life.  #nevercomplaintbutstillunfair. 

OK let me get back to my stories about them comes to singapore for a visit,   I think many of them thought that I should know about this country history and places well since I was born and brought up here,  but the actual thing is I don’t. Haha.  I would say that I don’t really have enough time to actually explore singapore because most of my time spent doing something that benefit my future.  Lol.  

Luckily, all the friends that came understand the situation.  Instead of me giving them a personal tours,  we actually updating and teach each other and explore together.  I find this is worthwhile rather than me doing all the explanation and decision  making.

Allow me to share a few things that happened

I met Julia at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We sat next to each other to watch the sun rise.  We talked  and we became friends. she even accompanied me and wish to witnessed the moment I paint the amazing scenery of angkor wat at that moment. 

When she came to singapore,  they stayed at one of the hostel in little India.  They were sharing with me about the surrounding and so on  and I told them I’m sorry I don’t really travel to that part of singapore and they literally bring me around and introducing me to a few places that are  unknown to me. It was fun though. 

This is Sarah and partner.  I get to know them from Julia. They came a day after Julia left in coincidence.  Basically Sarah is the funniest and exaggerated type of person I know ever.  In a good way Ya.  She likes to comment on stuff and replied with sacarsm in a funny way. 

When she invited me to join them the first thing came to my mind is to expose them to the cultural areas in singapore and the first place we went is geylang. After taken our dinner, out of curiosity I asked them since we’re here would you like to c the prostitution area in singapore?  I myself curious as I am not into this and I think I walk pass that alley once or twice in my whole life.  

To our surprise,  we actually witnessed that the place actually has more desperate and horny men  more than the ladies.  Try imagine we saw 5bangla men surround 1women. That is new to me. Lol

And this is Christine and Daniel. Christine is from Germany and Daniel is French. I met Christine at pyjamas hostel at Koh Chang Island. She’s a linguistic type of person and she understand bahasa. Cool right! Lol.  

Anyways, she came to singapore at the right timing where Muslims are celebrating hari raya. So I invited her to come to my place and experience our culture and understand how we celebrate it.  

We actually went for a cycle by the beach at East coast Park and head up to gardens by the bay.  It was fun. Luckily The weather isn’t that bad.  And we had our dinner at my place.  They even get a chance to meet my relatives and experience the “kecoh-kecoh raya”. Hahaha they even snap a pic with my relatives.  It’s just funny and memorable. 

In conclusion,  I would like to share this experiences and my thanks to all my friends that I know from all over the country.  Hahaha.  I am honored to know you guys and I hope all this experience will be our best memories and may our friendship last as long as if may.. Lol…  


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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