The life of Mimi the cat

Hi alls,  I was named Mimi by my new foster.  He adopted me on 29 July 2016. I was born on 8 June 2016 so which means now I am going to be 4 months .  I am happy and grateful that he adopted.  He is loving and caring.  He spent so much on me especially on my health and toys. According to him, he fall in love with me on the first sight.  Below was the first picture he took when he first saw me.  

At first,  I was scared of him  because he doesn’t  look friendly  and to be honest I do not really like human.  Hehehe. 

Anyways today’s blog I wanted to share with you on the experiences  with this weird, fun and loving man that adopted me.  

He likes to be called as Muddy.  He is an  interior architecture practitioner.  He enjoy taking photographs, bitching, partying  and travelling.  But due to his working industry,  he gotta lessen down all this activity.  

Last two weeks he got admitted to the hospital due to some infection.  I just hope it’s not that serious because he just adopted me.  I’m afraid if I lose him then no one will take of me.  I missed him so much when his not around but frankly speaking now I got abit irritated with him as he keeps taking pictures of me. Please feel free to check out the pictures he took of me while I’m sleeping, playing, eating, and whatsoever u named it. Hahaha 

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And on the  15 August he brought me to the vet for a vaccination, deworming and health check up. I was so shocked and tired through out the process.  He trapped me in a bag that has a lot of openings that were covered by net. 

The veterinarian said that I have mites.  And she ask my foster to help clean up the dirt on my ear.  

And now I am feeling much better.  As I mentioned earlier my muddy loves taking pictures so every minutes and action I made he will try to snap it and document it.  Even though I feel like killing him but somehow I like it. Here are more pictures of me he took

He likes to share his problems with me but I just don’t know how to help him because he don’t speak my language.  I can only wish that one day he will get what he has been wanting and be happy as usual.  

Ohh lastly, before I forgot I would like to show you some videos he shot when I’m lazying around, playing  and so on 

OK I hope u like what saw and hear. Please add him as ur friend so u get an updates from me.  Thanks for reading and watching me. 


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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