Saturday Morning Fishing

On 17 September  2016, I woke up early to prepare myself  for a fishing trip with my friend, Esther.  This is my first experience going for a boat fishing. Esther recommended  me to join her to ride on ‘SPANISH DANCER’  boat charter. I paid $85 for this.  I know it’s quite a distance for me to travel to the meeting point  which is located at West Coast Ferry Charter area.  

I am so excited as it’s has been a long time I never enjoy the outdoor activities eversince I discharge from hospital.  Eventhough the doctor advise me not expose myself to any outdoor activity yet but I can’t take it already.

When I reach there at first I was lost as it is my first time wandering on that area.  But luckily I’m brave enough to ask around to bring myself to the boat called ‘Spanish dancer’.  In total the were around 8-10 people in the boat and the only person I know is Esther.  Anyways overall I can say the boat is nice, comfortable,  spacious and equipped. The price you pay comes with the captain, the assistant, live bait and joy. 

Esther was the first person keep the dice rolling . And surprisingly the fish she caught is the lemon shark.

I didn’t really know that singapore sea have shark.  So after a few minutes another guy caught another shark. Honestly,  it was a great experience to be there as I also got a chance to learn few technique or skills in fishing from the experts which is part of the service we paid.  

The captain brought us to few spots that have a lot of fishes according to him.  He uses the fish detector in order to know on this so I think that is really a plus point.  

However after an hour passed I noticed only 3people caught a fish but all is not edible.  

Honestly,  I feel fishing is all about patience and luck.  So after a few rounds wandering around at different spots to fish finally its my turn, my bait got bitten and it seems not easy to handle it but I managed it.  To my surprise I got a big parrot fish. 

It seems like I caught the biggest among all of them.  Hehehe.  What I can say is that the experience is really wonderful.  Once you get the hang of it I think you somehow can estimate how to fish.. Lol. 

Anyways again after a few minutes I caught another one.  And this time it was a garuper.  Even though the size is small but I think I used more strength to fight to compare to others.  

So after that one by one get  a bite.   The captain brought us to different spots which I think it is a good thing.  I followed my dad once went for a fishing but it’s at the kelong and I swear it’s not that easy to catch one.  Not sure why. .

So after an hour my bait got  bitten again and I caught another big fish 

It feels really amazing but Its quite pressurising though because I am leading asin so I’m the only one that already caught my third fish.  But the good thing is that more people actually helping me by giving me more tips in order to do better and catch bigger fish.  

In total I caught 5fish two small ones and 3big ones.  And it was really a great experience with Spanish Dancer.  Overall I will rate them 4 over 5 star.  

Above is a video of me caught the parrot fish. 

And this one is another video of me fighting with another catch.  Lol. 

Lastly I would like to share the video of our experience with Spanish Dancer.  Those my friends that is interested to know more on this Spanish Dancer let me know.  


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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