Nothing that last forever

The latest news on Brangelina had brought me to blog, nothing will last forever

It is sad and disappointing if this news is true.  As far as I know I always thought their relationship would last till their last breath but what happened now? I believe not only me that have been thinking or been  looking up to them as the best example in relationship of a celebrity that able to go through ups and downs together but now they are not.  

Destiny or fate is not set or planned by us.  Everything happened to us already stated in our record book of life that God hold on to.  We as a human beings we just have to go through different challenges, paths, meeting new people, experience new things in God’s will.  So we don’t have to get stressed up when things doesn’t go our way.  

Sometimes we met a new person and it lead us to a happier life. 

 Sometimes we encounter new situation for us to learn from our mistakes and never repeat it again. 

Sometimes we come across a dilemma where we have to choose but as we know we dnt know what’s God had planned for us.

In my blogs,  I never missed saying things like everything happen for a reason.  If God fate us with something to be forever then it will b forever but if not, even how hard we try to get or persuade we still never gonna get it.  

We as a human just need to remember any choice we made will still lead us to happiness and sadness so no point we keep holding it, if it suffers us,  no point stressing up if we can’t get it,  no point we wait if it’s not meant for us.  

We should instead take action and do something to change for a better life. 

Things that we love may be missing and we might not get it back so don’t cry upon it.  

A person we love,  may continuously hurting us then no point we endure it if chances already given to them so many times.  

Person we love leaves us,  no point we cry over it for years and years because he will never come back.  So let’s move on and act upon to our happiness and not hurting ourself by thinking too much,  blaming ourself and making ourself sick and feel useless.  


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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