Recycle of used materials 

Today I would like to share my new creation that I made by using used materials such as cardboard boxes, toilet roll, empty air freshener spray,  magazines and many more. 

Having a kitten/pet is not easy,  you have to make sure you are committed and financially stable to take care of them.  

As a pet lover,  we can’t bear to see our dearest pet just sit and loitering around at home doing nothing.  We will definitely  need to spend on things like cages, place for them to sleep and play,  food and many more.  

However money is not everything.  You just need a little skills and creativity to DIY some of the things yourself if possible. So here’s a few creation that I would like to share. 

 Firstly,  the  cat play house that I created which comes with sensor light and fake grass carpet. 

This playhouse was made of ;

  • two cartons of cat cans food that were tape together
  • an empty air freshener spray
  •  fake grass carpet
  • Toilet roll cardboard
  • And spray or paint

Here are more photos of the outcomes.  Let me know if you wanna know more on the steps. 

And then get your pet to test it!

Do now lets beautify it.!

Secondly, I create my pet hanging net. .  It is made up of ;

  • String
  • Bell ball/feathers/other cat toys 
  • 2 piece of pole

This is the easiest  but will take time to make the netting. Old

Lastly my cat’s sleeping basket.It is made up of;


The generation z

I just finished watching the cardboard boxer and it made me think and blog on this. 

I am greatful  that I got a shelter to live,   Job that allows me to be financially stable,  family that pours their true love and cares for me and a decent knowledge and qualification that allows me to keep moving and progressing. 

But am I doing some thing that I enjoy? That I love to do? Do I feel enough to what I have? Many more questions that plays through my mind.  

I am speaking on behalf of some generation Z,  we complaint, we whine, we easily got broke down,  we boot licking  and many more just to to keep up with life and to support ourself.  The world get very competitive and cruel.  Just because of power,  status and wealth ended us up to all this. Sometimes I wonder,  does the generation before us feel this way? 

We easily get influence by nonsense stuff we saw on YouTube which we think it’s ‘cool’,  we try hard to achieved our dreams to be a successful person but we are not doing things we love doing it.  Due to that we complain and whine.  We seldom practise basic manners such as thank you,  excuse me,  I’m sorry and many more due to the  fast paced society and environment we lived in.  We blame others for the mistakes we did. We forget about other people kindness after we get what we want.  

What is happening to us? Until when am I gonna live this way.  I gotta change this.  Lets look forward and act upon it to make a difference in our lives.