Expressing through art

Earlier I had an art session which needed me to decorate a box to show or express my feelings.  We were told to decorate the outer box as to represent how people see us and the inner box as to show how we feel about our self And the attached picture above was my creation. We were given 1hr to decorate it and another hour to explained on our creation. 

Subconsciously,  I just do as what I feel and paste whatever that my mind wanted me to paste on the box.

Let me explained on the outer side first.  

Living in this fast pace society humans tend to be competitive and sometimes we do something without thinking much of the consequences. 

As for the top of the box  you noticed I paste a colourful flowery silhouette of a person with the word  special.  That figure is representing me with  my colourful, loud and bold character and personality.  The colours basically representing my jovial,  go with the flow type of person and always do something to make myself feels good.  Through experiences Ive leant in order to make your life beautiful you have to change how you portray yourself and the way you think about yourself.   

As far as I know,  some  people that knows me able to accept my character but some just can’t. If you ask me why I don’t think I know why.  Lol.  

I never feel sad if a person can’t click with me as I believe I am special and there’s other people that will appreciate me as a friend or a human being.  

Last few month has been a rough months for me,  I learnt who is my true friends,  I’ve learnt on my mistakes,  and I realised that everything that happen to us have been planned by the almighty.  ‘He’  gave us challenges because he know we are strong and able to handle it and at the same time he want us to realised on our wrong doing.  If you noticed there’s many eyes were pasted on the cover of the box. Basically that representing people around us.  Humans can’t escape from making mistakes and we also have the right to judge and make an assumption on a situation we see.  Those eyes are my threat. Even though I know I don’t care on what others think about me but through the stares I somehow get insecure. Lol.  Does it sound contradicting?? Lol

We may think positively in every situation we faced but as humans we have a feeling that lead to ego,  insecure and so on to appear. 

Alright so now let’s move on to the side of the box.  Ok the sides basically showing my interest and goals in life.  I am a people-oriented and therefore I appreciate freedom. Family and friends that I can rely on are the pillars of motivation  for me.  I don’t like to be lock in a space,  I will get easily bored and i am nature person.  That’s somehow a summarize on the outer side of the box or my expression of how people see on me. 

OK the above are the back of the cover. The tiger represents myself and the butterfly representing my goals.  Yup,  it’s hard for me to chase my goals as there’s no such thing as smooth journey in life.  We have to fall,  injured, cry,  suffer before we achieved to what we want it to be.  And the word FABULOUS  Basically just shows my personality as I always try to  think positively in every situation I faced.  

And now the last part which is inner side of the box which expressing how I feel about myself. 

OK I realised our life is like a wave that goes up and down,  Even though we know we try our best to be cheerful and stay positive but there’s a corner of sadness and sorrow in us.  Today we may feel happy the next day we feel stressed up it’s uncertain.  The red colour representing my sadness and worries as I always tend to think too much and the blue representing my happiness.  The rest such as stars and shinning papers just representing my goals  that I have that Im still striving to achieve. 

 Ok so basically here’s my share on what I feel about my life.  Do tag me if you feel like you wanna share urs.  Let us share some love and learn from one another. 


Recycle of used materials 

Today I would like to share my new creation that I made by using used materials such as cardboard boxes, toilet roll, empty air freshener spray,  magazines and many more. 

Having a kitten/pet is not easy,  you have to make sure you are committed and financially stable to take care of them.  

As a pet lover,  we can’t bear to see our dearest pet just sit and loitering around at home doing nothing.  We will definitely  need to spend on things like cages, place for them to sleep and play,  food and many more.  

However money is not everything.  You just need a little skills and creativity to DIY some of the things yourself if possible. So here’s a few creation that I would like to share. 

 Firstly,  the  cat play house that I created which comes with sensor light and fake grass carpet. 

This playhouse was made of ;

  • two cartons of cat cans food that were tape together
  • an empty air freshener spray
  •  fake grass carpet
  • Toilet roll cardboard
  • And spray or paint

Here are more photos of the outcomes.  Let me know if you wanna know more on the steps. 

And then get your pet to test it!

Do now lets beautify it.!

Secondly, I create my pet hanging net. .  It is made up of ;

  • String
  • Bell ball/feathers/other cat toys 
  • 2 piece of pole

This is the easiest  but will take time to make the netting. Old

Lastly my cat’s sleeping basket.It is made up of;

The generation z

I just finished watching the cardboard boxer and it made me think and blog on this. 

I am greatful  that I got a shelter to live,   Job that allows me to be financially stable,  family that pours their true love and cares for me and a decent knowledge and qualification that allows me to keep moving and progressing. 

But am I doing some thing that I enjoy? That I love to do? Do I feel enough to what I have? Many more questions that plays through my mind.  

I am speaking on behalf of some generation Z,  we complaint, we whine, we easily got broke down,  we boot licking  and many more just to to keep up with life and to support ourself.  The world get very competitive and cruel.  Just because of power,  status and wealth ended us up to all this. Sometimes I wonder,  does the generation before us feel this way? 

We easily get influence by nonsense stuff we saw on YouTube which we think it’s ‘cool’,  we try hard to achieved our dreams to be a successful person but we are not doing things we love doing it.  Due to that we complain and whine.  We seldom practise basic manners such as thank you,  excuse me,  I’m sorry and many more due to the  fast paced society and environment we lived in.  We blame others for the mistakes we did. We forget about other people kindness after we get what we want.  

What is happening to us? Until when am I gonna live this way.  I gotta change this.  Lets look forward and act upon it to make a difference in our lives. 

Ignorance kills humanity

Due to the fast pace society we lived in,  we tend to shut our eyes to the real things happening that we see,  cover our ears from the experiences we heard and shut our mouth from asking and voice out our opinions.  

It is just sad how we have been brought up this days. Life is not owned by us.  We did not know when we will leave this world and losing the people we loved,  things that we owned,  status and power we have and wealth we made. It is all planned by the almighty. 

In whatever religion we are in,  we were taught on fate, Respect, moral and discipline. Even though some may not believe in God. But to believe it or not it’s already been planned out accordingly.

Have we ever had a Dejavu that we feel we experience it before? 

Those who believe in religion,  I am sure we heard stories and advices from our prophets or the wise ones.  Dont you feel it’s a repeatation? 

Stories been told,  experiences been shared and signs been shown are all that we should rely on and not to repeat the same mistake others have made.  Instead we chose to experience it ourself and ignore the reality. But when it hits us,  we get depressed, we blame ourself  or others,  we hurt ourselves and unknowingly we hurt our loved ones too. 

I speak through experiences that I am going through right now. I regret for not believing and taking in  to every stories and advices I get,  books/magazines I read and incident I come across. 

None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean we are allowed to keep making the same mistakes.  

I think I will laughed and cried at myself if I were to recreate or replay the story of my life from the day I start breathing the air till now. 

The episode of love, which i started from the terms ‘steady’  to ‘honeyboo’ to ‘dear’ and many more.  

The episode of sorrow from the depression I had through love,  bully, being scolded by teachers  and punished by my parents and etc.  

The episode of relieve and satisfaction when I  had a vacation, finishing my school assignment or work projects, the achievements, taking drugs to enjoy life,  have a multiple sex buddies and whatever i can relate to this episode. 

The episode of humour when my friends and I got caught shoplifting, when we go to theme parks and etc. 

All these sweet, salty and sour memories will be remembered and let’s move forward and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life. Let’s learn from others and make the right choice in our life. 

Why do I start smoking? 

Why do I smoke? Why is it so hard to fight the temptation and the urge?  How can I change this habit?  How people around me can help me not to smoke?

Those  are the questions I asked myself. Somehow I regret to start smoking.  I can’t understand  why is so hard to get rid the habit of smoking.  In my honest opinion the following were the cause for the urge to smoke;

  • People around you that smoke. 
  • Stressful environment 
  • Low self esteem
  •  Use to it 
  • Kinda cool to smoke. Lol
  • Kill time.. But unknowingly kill ur self too.

Its been 2months I stopped but suddenly I start again.  I may need a counselling for this as this is not a good habit to have.  

Even I have tried many ways to replace the temptation but still doesn’t work. For example

  • Eat sweet
  • Drink coffee
  • Make myself busy
  • Listen to hypnosis on YouTube which relate to this 
  • And many more… 

Therefore,  if there’s anyone out there who come across this blog and wish to help mankind in doing good deeds please just drop a comment below.  Share some kindness and care to the human and world.  As we are actually lack of it due to the  fast pace and competitive of a living lifestyle now. 

My Beauty (Mimi)  and the Beast (Coco) 

Hey all!

Today I would like to share you few beautiful pictures on my beauty and the beast.  They have been more than a pet for me.  They have been accompanied me when I’m sad and happy. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I cant imagine myself being alone going through this without them.  I bet I will fall sicker easily. 

A week of eye twichting

So many articles and stories through the net I have  search in order  to find the meaning  of eye twitching on my  left side.  

It is so frustrating as its already been more than a week I had this twitches.  The net just stating too much nonsense  things till I’m lazy and tired to read and believed.  

As i know for malay culture,  it means I’m gonna meet  a close friends that i long never meet.  But who will that be? And some say Im gonna meet my old enemy. Lol. 

As for the Chinese culture it means something  good gonna happen. And I’ve been patiencely  waiting for that to happen.  But to be honest. It has been more than a week my left eye keep twitching.  I just want it to stop.  It is so annoying. 

So those who come across my blog and has a solution for it do let me know..