Memories of travelling solo

5 months have passed,  the time when I did my first solo backpacking.  The memories that I had is too wonderful until it makes me feel like quitting my full time job as Interior designer.  Honestly,  the title Interior designer may sound wow earning big bucks but I guess not in singapore if you under people.  

Lately  few of my friends/people that I met through the backpacking trip from Cambodia  to Koh Chang and down to Thailand came down to singapore for a visit.  I am honoured that they remembered me and invited me to join them.  Personally I had a great time spent with them.  We spent the day by roaming around Singapore, cycling,  cafe hoping and much more. One common question that asked from them is `How many days of leave does the company give per year in singapore? ‘ and I shared with them “oh in singapore minimum leave we could get is 7days and maximum is 14 days. And they were shocked and shared that they were given at least 30days of leave.  I can’t afford to react like surprise because I’m used to the system of singapore.  Anyways,  that’s part and parcel of a Singaporean life.  #nevercomplaintbutstillunfair. 

OK let me get back to my stories about them comes to singapore for a visit,   I think many of them thought that I should know about this country history and places well since I was born and brought up here,  but the actual thing is I don’t. Haha.  I would say that I don’t really have enough time to actually explore singapore because most of my time spent doing something that benefit my future.  Lol.  

Luckily, all the friends that came understand the situation.  Instead of me giving them a personal tours,  we actually updating and teach each other and explore together.  I find this is worthwhile rather than me doing all the explanation and decision  making.

Allow me to share a few things that happened

I met Julia at Angkor Wat in Cambodia. We sat next to each other to watch the sun rise.  We talked  and we became friends. she even accompanied me and wish to witnessed the moment I paint the amazing scenery of angkor wat at that moment. 

When she came to singapore,  they stayed at one of the hostel in little India.  They were sharing with me about the surrounding and so on  and I told them I’m sorry I don’t really travel to that part of singapore and they literally bring me around and introducing me to a few places that are  unknown to me. It was fun though. 

This is Sarah and partner.  I get to know them from Julia. They came a day after Julia left in coincidence.  Basically Sarah is the funniest and exaggerated type of person I know ever.  In a good way Ya.  She likes to comment on stuff and replied with sacarsm in a funny way. 

When she invited me to join them the first thing came to my mind is to expose them to the cultural areas in singapore and the first place we went is geylang. After taken our dinner, out of curiosity I asked them since we’re here would you like to c the prostitution area in singapore?  I myself curious as I am not into this and I think I walk pass that alley once or twice in my whole life.  

To our surprise,  we actually witnessed that the place actually has more desperate and horny men  more than the ladies.  Try imagine we saw 5bangla men surround 1women. That is new to me. Lol

And this is Christine and Daniel. Christine is from Germany and Daniel is French. I met Christine at pyjamas hostel at Koh Chang Island. She’s a linguistic type of person and she understand bahasa. Cool right! Lol.  

Anyways, she came to singapore at the right timing where Muslims are celebrating hari raya. So I invited her to come to my place and experience our culture and understand how we celebrate it.  

We actually went for a cycle by the beach at East coast Park and head up to gardens by the bay.  It was fun. Luckily The weather isn’t that bad.  And we had our dinner at my place.  They even get a chance to meet my relatives and experience the “kecoh-kecoh raya”. Hahaha they even snap a pic with my relatives.  It’s just funny and memorable. 

In conclusion,  I would like to share this experiences and my thanks to all my friends that I know from all over the country.  Hahaha.  I am honored to know you guys and I hope all this experience will be our best memories and may our friendship last as long as if may.. Lol…  


The power of temptation

Did you realise that temptation comes in different kinds of form. Part of it are connected to our senses such as, touch, smell, hear, see and taste.  You may feel satisfy after act on to your temptation but if you’re unlucky you may end up with a suffering.  Every temptations come with a good or bad feelings.

Allow me to show a few examples that related to our senses. 


Don’t you just tempted to touch a jellyfish? You might want to know how soft it is? However, Jellyfish do stinks so if you touch the wrong area or got attack by it, definitely you will suffer from the stung.



Before you decide to smell something make sure you know that it is harmless. Eg,  Wasabi,  by just smelling it you already  can feel the spiciness at the back of ur nose. And that leads to discomfort. So why on earth do you smell it?



Lately, my friend tag me in a video he posted.  The video titled is something like “what a drop…”  and the video is about dj playing the song. But I just view it without pressing the link so another words I dnt hear anything. But due to temptation and curiosity I pressed it and guess what is being played?..
It’s the sound of woman moaning plus at that time the volume of my phone is on maximum and the best part I’m in the train.  So yes,  the shameful thing ever happened to me of the day.


Last year a friend of mine send me a pic through whatsapp. It makes me so tempted to see it and zoom it.  The pic  shows a graphic illustration of zebra strip with a caption spot the zebra.  Therefore i give a try and press and it ended me up with disappointment and a shame. Due to the size of the pic I can only see the top part which the strip but after pressing on the pic there’s another pic of a chopped p**** on the bottom area. Wth right?


Humans are born to be cleverer than other mankind.  But sometimes due to temptation we acted or say differently. 

Did you realise that we can be hurt by just  saying something to someone.  The words we use plays an important part in our life. Everyone of us have a feeling/emotion.  We should mind on the words we say in order to prevent from hurting others.

When I was younger i get easily curious and wanted to know how it feels to use the new bad words that i learnt from my friends and others to call on someone. So one day,  I use it  On my friends call them names and because of that i got bashed. Hahaha I know it’s cliche but this is just an example. 

In conclusion,  we should think before we acted on something.  We must always know what consequences that may come to our actions.  Don’t let temptation make us to loose anything we want in life.  And as a human beings,  we must bear in mind that every actions or situation is a repeatation.  It has been done by others and we should learn from it and improvise it to benefits us and not to end us up suffering.

Life a solo

Sometimes its hard to live as a single dude at the age of 29 especially when you hang out with people that are attached. It may be  painful to see them so loving. Its like you want to snab them with a knife if its near you..  Haha..

However,  we are humans so it’s normal to feel this way.  Some are lucky to have a good looking gf/bf.  The one that I said perfect match is when you got a partner that looks like you lol.  Obviously aside of that the honesty and integrity also plays an important role in relationship. 

I can say that most of my close friends are single too and most of them feel the same only that they don’t show it, just the same as me due to our ego and pride we won’t show that we are sad to be labelled “lonely”.  But now I’m literally exposing it.  Haha

I would like to share my experience in playing tinder in this blog.  It is so frustrating to realise that Singaporean women are choosy.  Haha i may be wrong but I’ve tested.  I purposely select both men and women in my tinder option, Because I wanna know how much match that i get from both areas.  To my surprise I actually got more matched from guys than women so tell me what goes wrong here!  I’m not sure if it’s my photos that looks so gay or is it I’m too ugly to be in relationship  but I thought gays are more sassy and choosy than women? So I believe I’m  not that bad looking right! if I can get guys to liked me. Lol.

This is life.  Nothing is fair.  Games after games we gotta bash through. So now I’m patiently waiting for the right and perfect one to come.  Do i sound like a loser? I’m not sure.  I think it’s normal for a guy to feel like this nowadays. 

Allow me to share my pics in here.  Who knows there’s interested parties that like to date me haha I’m joking. 




So tell me am I that ugly?lol I doubt so. I think there’s people uglier than me out there. 

After tomorrow I’m sure I’m gonna be surprise to reread this post I made.  You know why? Because right now im not in a good state to think straight. 

Anyways this blog doesn’t really based on true story it’s just the compilation of how some guys feel to be a loner before reaching 30.

I’m just hoping that one day everything will change. Let’s just pray and wait Ya boys..  Hahaha

The power of spectacles

To those people that knows me, they feel normal to see me keep changing my spectacles on different events, day and moment. And its normal for me to get a question or remarks such as ‘Are you ok, why you keep changing spectacles?’ or ‘There he goes again with different personalities’

To be honest im not fetish to specs. But i treat my spectacles as a mask that i wear in everyday life. As i mentioned in my earlier blog i used to be bullied when im in primary school. Maybe thats the cause for me to feel its necessary to wear mask.  By the way,  all my specs have a degree so it’s not fake.

Many people will say that they don’t like drama,  but do they realise that drama somehow makes their life interesting? Why do I mentioning this?

In total I have 12 spectacles.  Different specs portray different character of me. I am a person that lives with one principle in life which is

‘In life, we are the one that responsible to the decision and choices we make.  God have planned many routes for us to choose and all will definitely lead us to good and bad.  We choose,  we decide, we face it. ‘

By having different character in different situation it actually makes a person lives to be interesting and this relates to the life drama.  A good example is colours,  try imagine there’s no colours in the world we lived in,  everything is tone of grey.  Do u think you will enjoy ur life? I doubt so.  Ok now imagine your world is red colour,  what do you think the people will be like?  Scary, fear, provoking?  What about white? Pure,  clean, peaceful?

Here are some of my specs that i can show you. That’s the same reason I have for my specs. Different patterns, shapes and colours portray different looks and attitude.

You may say that I am not being myself, selfish, bogus and so on. Honestly, now I’m asking you, since when humans is original? All of us copy from others to be successful and well known. It’s just how we do it differently and improvise it. Nowadays, people tend to be busybody talking about others but do they actually take some of their time to do a reflection of themselves?nope I doubt so. Maybe some will do.

OK in conclusion I believe to live in this world you must have faith and believe. But in order for you enjoy it, it actually depends on you. How you handle your situation? How you spend your free time? Who you befriend with? How you being brought up? How your past impacted you? And many more.

It’s you that changes your life not others. Don’t let others bring you down by what they say. Words are cheap but action is gold. You live your life’s therefore you decide what are the things that can make it interesting for you to face the challenges but yet make it interesting. Nothing is easy in life except when you stop breathing. Let your past to teach you, to improve you, to educate you. Learn from it and be better.

My art world

It’s been a long time I never paint and definitely I will paint again soon.  Here’s are a few art pieces I have done so far.
A multimedia painting from Samsung s4 phone of a seahorse

A multimedia painting on Samsung s4 phone of a shark

A multimedia art on Samsung S4 of a skeleton


A scenery from a rooftop that i stay in funky backpack @ Cambodia


A watercoloured painting of ANG KOR WAT


A golden monkey sketch while in the bus for a long ride @Cambodia

Unfinished acrylic painting of a ko pond

An acrylic painting of a lily flower.(sold out)

An acrylic painting of a zebra face (sold out)

A live painting held @paya lebar station in Singapore


A coloured pencil drawing of a fighting fish

Pen drawing of a sword fish to exhibit in national museum of Singapore for #700yearsofsingapura

Water coloured painting of a coconut to exhibit @national museum of singapore under Japanese occupation

A shark painting with acrylic paint

An acrylic paint on canvas of an elephant

An acrylic painting on canvas of a gorilla

Acrylic painting on canvas of a tiger

So if you wish me to paint a canvas for a present or for self or would like to enquire do not hesitate to drop me an email @

The words ‘If Only….’

The words WHAT IF..  Is so meaningful to dreamers out there.  Through those words, people motivate themselves to be better. And some just cried over and keep blaming themselves for not doing the right thing.

As for myself I find that the world is unfair, unpredictable and requires a responsibility in decision we make.  Somehow the word what if allows me to dream and escape from reality. 

I was brought up in a middle class family so we are not categories neither in rich nor poor family.  I am greatly with what I have and what my family have done or sacrifice for each other.  But as we know,  mankind, we never feel enough.  We were educate and cultivate  to be challenging and money drives the world.

Few things that I always dream of.. What if i am born rich?  What if I am clever and faster than others? What if Im a boss in a company?  And so on.

All this ‘what if’  actually helps me to prepared myself from the worse.  I know,  you must be thinking that I am an over thinking type and of person.  And yes I am,  I think it is good so at least we have a back up plan in everything we do. 

In religion,  we  believed that everything happened because it’s fated by the Lord  but to me whats the use of praying and accept whatever happens that Lord has planned for us if we didn’t act on something.  Most people will just pray and wait but some actually pray and do it and go with the flow with the plan.

I think by idle and wait for our fate to come, it won’t lead us anywhere.  For example when I was in high school I always wanted to go solo travelling but now I got it because of the hardwork and my prayers. It takes an action for a person to be somewhere and not by idling.  I may be wrong but I’m just sharing what I think we should do as a human being.  I  finally realised  that we don’t have to be greedy with the world wealth, status and power.  What we need is to be happy,  greatful and pass down the knowledge that we know to the one that needs it.




Be yourself, challenge yourself and think for yourself

This blog is a tribute to a second music video by @leonmarkus with the titled ‘mannequin’ 
The song is all about believing in yourself and fighting through the struggle of your life.

Humans are born to be competitive and due to that we never missed comparing ourself to others, being judgemental and sometimes we got affected by what others think on us.

Through the struggle we became stronger and more confident as a person. We just gotta believe In ourself and change to be better.

It takes time for a person to realise what they are lacking of and what were needed to change. For myself,  I started to realise that i need a change when I’m in my high-school years. I can say I WAS A VICTIM TO BULLY  during my primary school years.

When I got to high school, I start to learn and develop new things and improve myself from there. I learnt through watching others action, remarks that were thrown by others to me, the failure, the books and not forgetting the motivation from the supporting ones like my friends and families.

Everyone of us were born differently. Some may look PERFECT, but believe me no one in this world is perfect not even brand Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Life without struggle is As same as a corpse that buried underground. Even a tree struggle to grow if there’s no sun and water,  animals struggling to have their freedom and humans struggling to b better. 

People who knows how to handle their struggle in life  through accepting and understand themselves are people who has a high self – esteem. And this is positive, Not many of us can do this.
There are few ways  for a weaker ones that they will choose to do in order to escape from their struggle in life.  First,  they will join a bad company with a mindset that they could forget off whatever bad things happened to them. If they unlucky, these will only add on to their problem.
Some,  will choose the easy way out by trying  suicidal either cutting off their veins on the hand,  jump down the building, hang themselves in a dark room and many more.

So for those who read my blog and would like to share your thoughts on this topic please feel free to #themannequinmovement and share us your thoughts through pictures or videos of u and the mannequin.

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