A short story that my friend would like me to blog about him being curious in everything. I hope this sharing may help some people.

I met a guy named ‘Camie’  during my trip.  It was nice to meet him at the ferry stop when I’m on my way back to Bangkok. I still remembered he was like lost with his big backpack. I assume that was his first backpacking just as me.  Lol.  Anyways,  I approached him and start a conversation.  Personally I don’t like to be quiet for a long time so I need someone to talk to.  So we chatted, we covered on many topics like experiences of being solo backpackers, about life and many more. 

One particular stories that he shared were the adventure of curiosity.  He mentioned that whenever he feel like doing he definitely will do it.  So he shared with me about him curious and tried the gay life.  He stated that it was fun, less worries, less problem but just need to go check up every 4months and so on but the only thing he fail to do is self control. 

According to him,  nowadays it’s easy for someone to trap himself in gay life once he started.  Firstly,  numbers of gays are rising.  Secondly,  gay love will not end u up with pregnancy.  Thirdly,  most gays are financially stable.  And lastly,  the sex are better than with girls. 

He told me all started from the Internet.  At first,  he was just curious and just wanna know what and why people be gay.  So he search about it and came across a website that allow him  to chat with the other person and that leads them to meet up. At this point,  he knew he must be confident and have a self control. But sadly he loses it after the guy seduce him when they were tipsy. 

From that onwards,  he slowly start to meet more gays and have fun with them.  The initial plan of ‘to know’  now change ‘to wants’.

I did asked him if he ever thought of stopping and start a new with ladies and be normal and he answered ”

I’ve tried but I can’t!”

He even tell me many times to not have a mindset or curious about this gay life.

In conclusion, he said that he learnt his mistake of not to be too curious about everything around him. Curiosity kills yourself if you’re not strong spiritually & mentally. Just be conscious that everything happen for a reason and it is already planned out for us nicely so don’t let that curiosity change ur faith. 


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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