True friendship

I would like to share my thoughts in this topic “friendship”.  Over the past few days my staying in alexandra hospital has opened up my mind and perception of who is my true friends and who appreciate me as a friend.

Honestly speaking I do feel disappointed to some people who I thought they are my friends. And even some that I didn’t expect to come and visit me,  came.  I really appreciate to those that came and show ur support and motivates me.  

Many asked me why I chose to b warded in alexandra hospital? And my answer to that is that I dnt trust the service at CGH and I also wanna see who of those friends that I have would sacrifice their few minutes to ask me or visit me.  As usual attention seeker. Haha

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I am glad that I got a chance to say my thanks to you guys that came and ask on my wellness.  I am strongly believes  things always happen for a reason. And just need to fight and endure.  All this pictures that I took will be the memories and witness of our friendship.  Thank you friends!!


First time warded in hospital

My first time warded to hospital isn’t that bad after all. My meals were taken care of, the foods isn’t that bad,  the bed is remoteable, and the toilet bowl comes with the faucet so it is efficient.  I am quite satisfied with the experience here in Alexandra’s hospital. However,  I am not looking forward to stay anymore days in here!allow me to share few pictures of food I get

that was my breakfast. 

And heres the lunch meal

Ohh wait that is not my lunch but my dinner my lunch was quite cock up because they gave me seafood and I am allergic to it. But after a while they change it to tandoori chicken. 

Many asked me how suddenly I admitted to hospital. Ok basically I had a fever almost 2weeks plus and I didn’t really treated it due to my busy schedule.  And as I know I’m free, therefore I decided to go for a check up and shockingly I got stuck here now because it got worse.  Yesterday night my whole body got rashes. And the temperature went up to 39.8 degree  so that’s pretty high.  But now I think I’m good. I am still able to blog. 

I think and I hope this gonna be my last time spending many nights in hospital.  I swear I am tired of laying down and eat medicine. 

Eventhough I feel happy because everything were taken care off but I feel bored because I can’t go anywhere! 

My wishes before my last breath

It is so random for me to write about this.  I just wanted to share my wishes.  Lately I’m feeling really unwell.  I’m scared to go for a check up. I did so many bad stuff to myself.  I’m afraid to know the reality.  So therefore,  I come up with these wishes.  Hopefully I can achieve it.  

1)As an interior designer, it’s everyone’s dreams to see your design comes to reality and same goes to me I would want to see and walk through the whole building that were designed by me.  

2)Travel to Europe has been one of goals for me for years but never I had a chance to achieve it.  hopefully next year I can go to Europe for another solo travelling or maybe start a living there.  Haha
3)I think I’ve been and done most of the wild experiences as a young adults in life but I would want to experience being near to wild nature. 

4) skydiving,  wow how wonderful if I able to experience this before I die.  Hmmm

5) to earns at least 4000 Singapore Dollars a month. 

6) to sell my art pieces at a market price such as minimum SGD$5000 I think. 

7) to work at a work place that enables me to grow and develop my skills and allow me to be who I am.  Am I too charismatic  till my boss dislike me that much??prrggg flip hair… Lol. 

8) to learn how to suck up with humans. Honestly i love drama but I still can’t do this in order not to start a drama.  

9) to find the right person in life that can lead and guide me to success and change me for good  maybe to be more religious.  Lol. 

10) to spent a whole day and donate some of my wealth with unprivileged ones. 

Okay! I just realised there’s so many things I want to mention on my wants but living in singapore as a Singaporeans some of the wishes may not be good for me or achievable for me such as;

1) to buy a house,  OMG! Muddy wake up! In singapore if ur a single man you can only start having ur own apartment at the age of 35 and the houses will cost you more than 100 000 Singapore Dollars. Just to remind yourself that amount is just for a 1-room flat maybe! 

2) to settle down and have a beautiful family, wow how is that possible? When ur lifestyle 9am- 9pm at work and ur workplace only got pioneer generation and little people that is around ur age. Plus you are not financially stable yet.and the best part ur still not ready!   DREAM ON MUDDY! 

3) to own a car, for God sake why must I thought of that in Singapore! Think about it,  in order for me to owns a car in singapore i will have to pay  the COE every year and it’s more than 10000 Singapore Dollars if im not mistaken.  Plus to buy the cheapest car in singapore will cost me around another 100000 Singapore Dollars.  WTF! better give that money to ur parents then they can have an early retirement! And that haven’t include ERP! 

4) To travel around the world!  How?!  your working leave in singapore only entitle you 7days of leave. And by right next year then you can start to use your leave!

I think that should be all for now.  Hopefully I able to make my dreams come true.