Ignorance kills humanity

Due to the fast pace society we lived in,  we tend to shut our eyes to the real things happening that we see,  cover our ears from the experiences we heard and shut our mouth from asking and voice out our opinions.  

It is just sad how we have been brought up this days. Life is not owned by us.  We did not know when we will leave this world and losing the people we loved,  things that we owned,  status and power we have and wealth we made. It is all planned by the almighty. 

In whatever religion we are in,  we were taught on fate, Respect, moral and discipline. Even though some may not believe in God. But to believe it or not it’s already been planned out accordingly.

Have we ever had a Dejavu that we feel we experience it before? 

Those who believe in religion,  I am sure we heard stories and advices from our prophets or the wise ones.  Dont you feel it’s a repeatation? 

Stories been told,  experiences been shared and signs been shown are all that we should rely on and not to repeat the same mistake others have made.  Instead we chose to experience it ourself and ignore the reality. But when it hits us,  we get depressed, we blame ourself  or others,  we hurt ourselves and unknowingly we hurt our loved ones too. 

I speak through experiences that I am going through right now. I regret for not believing and taking in  to every stories and advices I get,  books/magazines I read and incident I come across. 

None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean we are allowed to keep making the same mistakes.  

I think I will laughed and cried at myself if I were to recreate or replay the story of my life from the day I start breathing the air till now. 

The episode of love, which i started from the terms ‘steady’  to ‘honeyboo’ to ‘dear’ and many more.  

The episode of sorrow from the depression I had through love,  bully, being scolded by teachers  and punished by my parents and etc.  

The episode of relieve and satisfaction when I  had a vacation, finishing my school assignment or work projects, the achievements, taking drugs to enjoy life,  have a multiple sex buddies and whatever i can relate to this episode. 

The episode of humour when my friends and I got caught shoplifting, when we go to theme parks and etc. 

All these sweet, salty and sour memories will be remembered and let’s move forward and enjoy the roller coaster ride of life. Let’s learn from others and make the right choice in our life. 


Author: muddmitaq

I am a multi disciplinary artist lived in singapore. I did fashion, graphics, interior and product design and I also enjoy painting my canvases with different mediums.

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